The Badge Lads


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Pack includes:

  • Extra pieces of plastic film (mylar)
  • For use with all components
  • Available in 25, 38, 45, 55, 58 and 77mm

Please note: The real size of the mylar is a little bigger than the badge size. For example: 25mm mylar discs are the correct size to use with a 25mm badge maker, but the real diameter of the mylar is 35mm because the edge wraps around the badge.

These plastic discs sit on top of your artwork to give a professional finish, as well as helping to make it more resistant to wear and tear. Mylar discs come with all component sets, but if you need any more you can buy them here.

Badge size                         Real diameter of mylar disc

25mm                                          35mm

38mm                                          49mm

45mm                                          56mm

55mm                                          68mm

58mm                                          70mm

77mm                                           87mm


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